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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Why do you think that two players that you rate at different levels will receive similar contracts?

In one sentence, you claim that Jefferson will be taking a pay cut, because of the new CBA.
In the next, you claim that teams will overpay for Splitter, yet under the same CBA.

Are teams going to become frugal on good players, and yet continue to overspend on marginal players? The same CBA applies to both. If you think that they both make comparable money next year, then teams think that they have comparable value.

I'm confused at your logic. Honestly. No sarcasm.

Then again, I'm not a self-proclaimed genius /s
Jefferson will get paid. I predict something close to the $15M he's making now, if not more. Teams always overpay for quality big men. It's the same reason why Splitter will be getting $8-10M. As far as the Spurs are concerned, I think he's worth up to $15M with Spurs over cap and resigning their own guys to bring them up to the tax level.
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