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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

Jefferson is earning a lot right now but nothing close next year because of the new CBA. Splitter's stock is going to skyrocket this season and they'll be earning close to the same. Splitter will get offers in the $8-10 million range, Jefferson will get around $10 million ($18 mill is going to be the ceiling on that with Bron earning that much) and he'll get no where near $14 million.
Why do you think that two players that you rate at different levels will receive similar contracts?

In one sentence, you claim that Jefferson will be taking a pay cut, because of the new CBA.
In the next, you claim that teams will overpay for Splitter, yet under the same CBA.

Are teams going to become frugal on good players, and yet continue to overspend on marginal players? The same CBA applies to both. If you think that they both make comparable money next year, then teams think that they have comparable value.

I'm confused at your logic. Honestly. No sarcasm.

Then again, I'm not a self-proclaimed genius /s
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