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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Tod's right Al may benifit another team who does more iso ball and he may currently be better in the post, but Splitter does what is required in our system and has (on this forum at least) an underated post game.... for about half the price.
Splitter is playing within the system, as Jefferson can.

simple: if we have a player like Jefferson (keyword: like), you then switch Duncan for Tiago, who can do the same things, and a player like AJ who can spot up shoot in Duncan's place.

Jefferson is earning a lot right now but nothing close next year because of the new CBA. Splitter's stock is going to skyrocket this season and they'll be earning close to the same. Splitter will get offers in the $8-10 million range, Jefferson will get around $10 million ($18 mill is going to be the ceiling on that with Bron earning that much) and he'll get no where near $14 million.

the conversation is getting a better player than Splitter to win right now than trying to keep Tiago for the future since we're probably going to be a lottery team or 6-7th in the playoffs at best once TD leaves
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