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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
I think this has turned into a "Defending Tiago Because Someone Said He Sucks" thread. I think Tiago is playing great. I think Jefferson is much better than Tiago. I recall seeing Jefferson do well in pick and rolls, he has a good midrange jumper, and he is good in the post. Defensively, he rebounds more and has more blocked shots, which automatically makes him a better defender.

So in summation, Tiago doesn't suck, Jefferson is better, if Utah wants to do the trade for some strange reason, you do it. But I don't think they will, so this is all probably moot.

Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
Jefferson doesn't do well in Pick and Roll. His strength is in his back to the basket game. How is it that you can just give it an "eye test" but not have it backed up with any sort of statistical significance? I recall that Jeffeson is slow and not as strong defensively.

Again, how does one quantify who is better? Advanced Stats: Player vs. Player - Advanced basketball statistics for NBA players and teams on

When you look at the stats-Splitter shoots better, his plus minus scores are better, he gets to the FT Line more which means he gets a chance to score PLUS puts fouls on opposing players.
no one is saying Jefferson is better than Tiago in the pick and roll.

the problem you have with that is you're implying Tiago is the only one who can do that, when in reality Duncan can play Tiago in the pick and roll scenario. Jefferson would add another dimension to the offense with his back to the basket and can also jump shoot.

it's simple: we can run as a team with a player like Jefferson and set up the offense while with Tiago, we have to run because he can't do anything else and TD can't back down guys anymore
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