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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Is there any trade that makes sense to Jeff McDonald?
the only part he makes sense with is the Kawhi part, everything else is just his bias opinion on not wanting a trade. the Spurs don't want to add more salary right now? we're going to be around $10 mill under the cap next season with non guaranteed deals. it absolutely makes sense for the Spurs to trade for a hybrid forward who's athletic, as much as he doesn't think so.

the speculation on the Kawhi part is just that on the website, but it would clearly have to be a Splitter going there to match the position they're giving up and probably looking to keep Splitter long term.

remember this is the guy who wrote a similar article with the same attitude on Baynes with the same attitude of "listen to me, he's not coming over anytime soon if at all this year" and Baynes arrived faster like everyone thought.
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