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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
I wish we could fast forward to February 21st, 3PM (ET) to see how all of this all pans out. The suspense is killing me.
Man, the suspense is the best part!

You wake up in the morning, and check the feeds before you go to work (or at work). Nothing.
You take a quick peek to see if there were any trades at lunch. Never are.
You get home, check ESPN, SI and FoxSports. Nothing.
You log into SR to look for some intelligent thread about a trade. You realize that Will started them all. Nothing.

Assume nothing will happen. You will most likely be right. If something DOES happen, then you get a moment of shock. Like that Sunday before the season started when I found out Harden was a Rocket!

Spurs will make no trade. I guarantee it, or triple your money back!
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