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Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
problem is... any improvement made by tiago, is easily overshadowed by the progress made by ibaka, who now has reliable jumper, and even sinking 3pts! dang!!!...

and to make worse; durant and wesbrook are still making advance, they are arguably better than last year...
No...they are the same. And for Westbrook, OKC no longer has a safety valve they had when they had James Harden.

Since you guys didn't answer in the other thread:
Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you said it was about balance right? that's balance. Al Jefferson wouldn't get the rock every possession but it would force the defense to switch schemes about every other play (i.e. old Spurs offense going with a Pick and Roll then a 4 Down then rotating that with Manu/TP)
Again, when would this be implemented. There was no issue with offense against OKC, the issue was D. So we fix the D by fixing the not broke O? The team relied too much on the 3 last season but they lost because Harden could not be stopped despite Westbrook's issues.

the only time there's a "black hole" in basketball terms is a guy who gets the ball and jacks up a shot when he touches the rock. Al Jefferson isn't that, not even close. if he's a black hole on offense, then you're saying Duncan was a black hole on offense the whole time before we ran?
Quite the opposite. Unlike Jefferson, the offense flowed through the post and Tim knows every play and every option and the team had built the kind of cohesion that builds over time. Every player the Spurs bring in over the trade deadline is given a condensed version of the playbook when they arrive. In essence, with good avanced scouting, that makes defending that player EASIER. Unlike Tim who knows the whole playbook. Pop's playbook is the league's most extensive and just going to the post isn't the whole story.
Al Jefferson plays a vintage TD post up game and that's what we need to compliment our running scheme. JuanCaca's answer below is the reason why it's needed or else hope we don't see OKC or Miami in the playoffs.

OKC's Thabo or MIA's Lebron on TP = we're screwed if we don't have anyone else who can contribute. how would you counter that? a down low presence and TD can't do that anymore.
Lebron cannot cover Parker. He will in certain situations but he won't for entire games the same way he wouldn't for Chris Paul. You have to expend so much energy guarding the other team's best player plus run the offense and attack the glass. MIA needs that from LBJ.
OKC has the luxury of Thabo not having any of those responsibilities.But with Harden gone, I'm in the camp that Westbrook's me first mentality is going to give the Spurs a better chance plus an improved Leonard & Splitter. I don't advocate fixing the defense by getting a player whose lone skill set upsets the balance and chemistry of an already strong team. If Duncan's knee wasn't saved by the VI Flaming Eagle Knee Brace, then bringing Al would be a feasible scenario. Lucky that Tim will be back but assuming that Tim retires earlier than we thought, I just don't see Jefferson as the post replacement of the future deserving of Superstar dollars.

I am encouraged by the improvement in KL's offensive skills and feel that Pop will use that as a change of pace attack sequence. He's the near future and with TP still gives us a formidable line up. No one stays status quo but the Spurs way with fiscal responsibility and the building of corporate knowlege is one I have no issue at all with backing. If they choose Jefferson it will be for something that I do not see. I'm not saying I'm right or you're right. I'm just saying I've laid our arguments to support my hypothesis.

Feel free to disagree. It's an interesting discussion and I await the feedback.
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