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Why Josh Smith makes no sense for Spurs

By Jeff McDonald

CLEVELAND — The week or so leading up to the trade deadline is always an interesting time around the NBA. I’ve always believed it’s the one time of year the super plugged-in Internet fan is actually less informed than the casual fan.

There’s just too much white noise out there. Too much speculation. Much of it (most of it?) completely bogus.

And so we come to the “rumor” that the Spurs are looking to trade for Atlanta forward Josh Smith. In a power-rankings column yesterday, the great Marc Spears at Yahoo! Sports mentioned the Spurs as one of many teams expressing interest in Smith.

I have no doubt this is accurate, and not just because Spears knows his stuff (he does). Smith is a good player who is immediately available. Every contender should be “expressing interest.”

Link to the rest of the story: Spurs Nation
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