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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Look I can see where you are coming from but to me he is a guy who does not help us when it matters, which is why I am not a huge fan of him! Yes it is not his fault we lose a series but he could help more being he is such a high % shooter in the season! Why can't he keep near that number up? The playoffs are way more than Bonner yes, but if we had a guy who got his mins and did something would that not help in the playoffs?

I wish him and Blair would both be magically traded for some hero playoff performer, but I know I am dreaming at this point. I hope he does well in the shootout as well! GET EM! I hope he shoots threes with us in the playoffs as well and makes them at higher than 32%! I would wish him all the best. I wish someone would step up though in place of that so we would not have to rely on that from him! AGREED! He is not the curse but he is obvioulsy not the ANSWER to a run!
Look all you have to tell the weird Bonner lovers is to look at the stats in the playoffs. Bonner sucks. He sucked when the Big 3 played good in the playoffs. It doesn't matter. SJax has good playoff stats. He had a rough Clipper series but that was the only negative last year in the playoffs. Bonner's thing is a every year playoff problem. Pop played him 2 minutes and 0 minutes the last two playoff games. What does that say? SJax played significant minutes. People seem to tie Bonner's success on how the big 3 play in the playoffs. The guy can't be counted on either way. Bonner's ring in 2007 was as a bench warmer. SJax's ring was as a starter. Bonner has no skins in the wall in the playoffs. Move SJax, I don't care. If the deal makes sense do it but Bonner and Blair are ahead in my book to be traded. Bonner is first of course. Again look at the stats people! Bonner blows in the playoffs!
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