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im not that happy with the idea of trade the only natural SF other than kawhi... people says "hey green can play SF, manu can..." but that was the wear that sidelined both when kawhi and sjax was out... can you imagine only ONE (second year 21yo) SF against the top contenders who happends to have the 1 and 2 options for league MVP (lebron, durant)... the clippers had caron butler mat barnes and even grant hill to throw at kawhi... we REALLY need more than one real SF... you can say "ohh spurs defense is help defense" ...but anyway... this constant helping can lead to injury to our top (but fragile) SG or our best defender at SG... and that already happened..

sjax is slow, and having not so good numbers, but has the veteran savy and the "huevos" to go down swinging.. and i believe he still has some sparks from the past, no one can take him from granted and forget defend him... who in D league, free agency, etc, can replace him this year if traded?
Im honored to be on this team right now because hes going to be great for years to come, and Im going to hold on as long as I can. -Tim Duncan on Kawhi Leonard.
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