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Is Stephen Jackson done?

I love Stephen Jackson, but let's be honest, he's turned into a liability on offense this season. He's only hit 1 3pt shot in the last seven games going 1-14 during that stretch and over the course of the year he's not been much better shooting 25% for the season. He's shooting much better on 2pts shots (.500) mostly by attacking the rim, but the majority of his offense is coming from that failing 3pt shot (116 3pt shots vs 108 2pt shots). I'm not sure what value Jackson adds to the team this year, especially if the Spurs are looking to swap him for a big man.

A few on this board would rather see Manu traded over Jackson. What exactly is it that Jackson brings to the table that would make him more valuable than a healthy Manu? If the Spurs trade for a big man, the bulk of the front court minutes would go to Leonard, Duncan, and 'Big man X'. The job of containing the two elite SFs standing in the way of a Spurs championship (Durant and Lebron) goes to Leonard and possibly 'Big Man X' if it happens to be a Josh Smith type 4. Leonard has really shown me in the last month and a half that he deserves those minutes with his efficient high level of play. I'll be honest, I was willing to let go of Leonard to try to bring in an elite front court player like Garnet, but with Leonard's great play and Jackson's miserable offensive performance I've had to re-evaluate that position.

So what is it with Stephen Jackson this year that makes you like him over Manu? I haven't seen him shut anyone down ala Bruce Bowen and his offensive game is in the toilet. His PER is a dismal 8.3. Now I take advanced stats with a grain of salt, but that is just glaringly inefficient play. I have a feeling he's just hit the age wall on his career.

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