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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
so Pop told Splitter "all you're going to do is pick and roll"?

that's nonsense. Pop is plugging in Splitter to play the best he can. the Spurs would love Splitter to develop an inside game, .
Jose, your rants against Splitter are getting tired and monotonous, from the EN on January 25, 2013 "What he can do – better than almost any other big in the league – is attack the basket via screen/rolls. Per Synergy Sports, Splitter scores 1.34 points per play in such instances, fourth-best in the NBA. He also shoots 72.4 percent on those plays, 22 percentage points better than Duncan and eight points better than the league average for all shots at the rim. It’s a specialized skill, to be sure. But with initiators like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and a fleet of quality outside shooters to spread the court — eight Spurs shoot better than the league average on 3s — it suits his team perfectly."

Now you may not like his game, but frankly who cares? He's in the lineup because he gives the Spurs much, much, much more than Bonner, Diaw or Blair

"Last but certainly not least, Splitter also plays surprisingly solid defense according to the numbers compiled by Synergy. Even better than Duncan in some spots, in fact, including post-ups (0.62 points per play, 12th) and pick-and-rolls (0.97 ppp, 25th). With Duncan anchoring the defense as well as he has in years, the tandem would seem to be an ideal matchup for bigger teams like Memphis and the Lakers."

For whatever reason you want him either gone or out of the lineup so the Spurs can chase the elusive dream 'big'. Now if one of the upcoming crop of free agent centers decide they want to come to SA, ok, but it's not going to happen.

He is doing EXACTLY what Pop wants of him and yes he will get paid, so get over it.
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