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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you're right but, like katyspursfan pointed out, it seems Pop is hinting to try that this year. with Manu/Parker in the game, he can't play anything close to how he did last night. he won't have the ball to handle and would be relegated to a spot up shooter.
Actually. my point was...
if the Spurs had to choose to put out EITHER Manu or Kawhi Leonard every night, I think they'd prefer Kawhi.
Fortunately, they get the option of putting out both most nights. Not nearly as many as we'd hope, but you take what you get. There were threads a half dozen years ago about how long Manu would survive, given his style of play.

Kawhi is basically fulfilling what the Spurs wanted Richard Jefferson to do his whole tenure.
This is so true. KL has shown he can be as good as anything that was ever expected of RJ. But I like the KL ceiling even more. It's a shame that RJ couldn't get his ceiling above the foundation in San Antonio. Maybe he was expecting a basement, coming from up north.
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