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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
JTG- What you are actually saying is that the down low presence is an antidote to a sluggish offense. But that's a crutch and here is why. To beat the Spurs, you have to be able to slow down TP. Having Al Jefferson in the block means that you have a black hole where players are going to stand around. This ain't Tim Duncan in the post averaging 3 assists per. This is AL JEFFERSON, more like 2 assists per but doesn't know the offense well enough to be able to make smart reads. Why disrupt everything that Pop is doing to fit 1 4th option player? Think about that...the guy is the 4th option on the team at best. Tiago's points and production have come within the flow of the offense. To bring in Jefferson means he first has to learn the offense, then get the flow, and then be able to make the necessary reads to fully utilize the 4 down low block post up. So again, why change everything that you do and have been doing so well all season, to accomodate 1 guy who at best, is your 4th option when the Big 3 is healthy?
you said it was about balance right? that's balance. Al Jefferson wouldn't get the rock every possession but it would force the defense to switch schemes about every other play (i.e. old Spurs offense going with a Pick and Roll then a 4 Down then rotating that with Manu/TP)

the only time there's a "black hole" in basketball terms is a guy who gets the ball and jacks up a shot when he touches the rock. Al Jefferson isn't that, not even close. if he's a black hole on offense, then you're saying Duncan was a black hole on offense the whole time before we ran?

Al Jefferson plays a vintage TD post up game and that's what we need to compliment our running scheme. JuanCaca's answer below is the reason why it's needed or else hope we don't see OKC or Miami in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
because in PO's, defenses like the one used by okc happens.
you disrupt spurs passing lanes and put long defender on parker... and spurs are done... sad but true.. i love my spurs, but they need that post menance to to seriusly contend ..
OKC's Thabo or MIA's Lebron on TP = we're screwed if we don't have anyone else who can contribute. how would you counter that? a down low presence and TD can't do that anymore.
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