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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Oh Jose, Jose, Jose you trouble maker you Tiago is doing exactly what the Spurs want and demand of him. You know that if he started trying to do too much, Pop would plop his butt on the bench and he wouldn't see playing time until the next season.
so Pop told Splitter "all you're going to do is pick and roll"?

that's nonsense. Pop is plugging in Splitter to play the best he can. the Spurs would love Splitter to develop an inside game, but he's not that type of player especially if he bounces off the defender when he's posting up. if you think Pop wouldn't like consistent post up from Splitter, then you apparently don't remember when we ran in the beginning of the year then Pop went with 4 Downs against Memphis in the playoffs or against the Thunder when they stopped the Spurs from running last year.

it's just common sense. if you have bigs, you hope they can post up first in the paint then anything else second. we were running with Blair and he was playing a pick and roll style because that's the only way he could play not because Pop wanted him to play like that. Splitter is playing Blair's game, that's why he's getting minutes.

Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I'm not sure why Splitter is being singled out in the title of the thread.
there's a Splitter Pack here who wants to re-sign him for whatever he wants and "Tiago isn't going anywhere" talk to go with it. that talk is for someone who's either dominant or can catch the attention of the defense by his individual game. Tiago is showing nothing like that.
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