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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
A telling quote from Pop about last night “He’s a guy we’re trying to expand his game, but we don’t know what direction to go in,” Popovich said. “He’s a really talented kid. He really wants to be a great player. Tonight, you saw some of that.”"

Starting next year the Spurs Big Three will be Tim, Tony and Kawhi.
you're right but, like katyspursfan pointed out, it seems Pop is hinting to try that this year. with Manu/Parker in the game, he can't play anything close to how he did last night. he won't have the ball to handle and would be relegated to a spot up shooter. Manu isn't really a spot up shooter, he's more of a pass first-score second shooting guard.

this is one of the reasons why i wouldn't doubt Manu is in the discussions for a trade over Jackson. Jax can create on his own, but he's the opposite of Manu in that he prefers to spot up shoot first. next year Kawhi will have a different role. look for him to have plays run around him and play off the ball with spot up shooting and cutting to the basket.

Kawhi is basically fulfilling what the Spurs wanted Richard Jefferson to do his whole tenure.
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