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Originally Posted by Guille View Post
I wouldn´t go anywhere near him for max dollars.
Don´t get me wrong, I think he is one fine player and could be a heck of an addition, but never for that price. I´d rather have Kawhi developing in the spot for way less dollars.
Smith is a power forward who can play the SF position, Kawhi is no where near developing for the 4 spot. the guy is erratic and not worth max money (the truth is he's not going to get that anyway and he probably knows it), but he's had to be erratic in a system like Atlanta's. when Joe Johnson was there, the offense was slow and one dimensional as far as 1 on 1 ball. right now, he has to be the main focus along with Al Horford and Horford isn't a perimeter guy so Smith has to try to contribute all around.

it would be interesting with this team though. you could easily have a Parker/Smith pick and roll combo that could rival what the Suns had with Nash/Amare and this would save Duncan a lot more legs on the offense end for defense.

Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Yeah, it would be a rental. You'd have to give up Jackson and some filler to get him. Maybe worth it, but there's no guarantees of a championship.
Jackson would be the filler, Splitter would be the main piece in that deal

Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
you'd take Yahoo Sports more serious, as far as rumors go, than any other outlet or reporters from ESPN.

the guys ESPN usually steal information from and get away with the BS of just saying "sources" are from Yahoo Sports
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