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can you imagine this spurs team,
substracting joseph or blair + manu(2013 version, not the gold medal version that we always remeber and love) and adding al jefferson??

once you get big al, suddenly you have tim duncan, al jefferon, tiago splitter, and boris diaw rotating in the 4 and 5 with bayness warming the bench... a lot of big bodys that actually can lessen the wear and tear on timmys body... then you can think about trading blair and bonner for any SF aor long SG; or injury insurance vets, project young player, cash or draft picks...

and is not that this gonna become "al jefferson team" and run offense like if it was 2005 timmy in the paint... but dang! had a player in his prime able to create in the post if needed... tim NEEDS help when pace slow down in PO... i feel bad just imagining 37YO timmy trying to bang in the paint against deandre jordan griffin odom, etc, ibaka perkins etc... gasol randolph ...and so on

only that way, we can say to opponents "pick your poison"...
The Spurs won because of Tim Duncan, a guy I could never break. I could talk trash to Patrick Ewing, get in David Robinson’s face, get a rise out of Alonzo Mourning, but when I went at Tim he’d look at me like he was bored and then say, “Hey, Shaq, watch this shot right here off the glass.” Shaquille O'Neal on Tim duncan.
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