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Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
Splitter cannot reliably post up defenders and score 1 on 1. He's got a nice reverse layup but otherwise his post game is very underdeveloped.

He is an above average roll scorer off the pick, and at least average as passing out of the post position. He also is pretty decent at ball protection and not fouling.

But seriously, he's nothing special. He is not a shot blocking presence, not a great rebounder, and can't do anything that most of the other PFs and Centers in the league can't do. The nice thing is that he's not overpayed for what he brings, which most of those other guys are.

He's a good role player, and a good backup to Duncan. But he cannot hang with the better starting big men in the league like Ibaka, Griffin, Chandler, Randolf, and he never will.

Uwe is Spot On, this team is missing what they need to beat OKC or Miami. As awesome as Parker has been, and as good as the Spurs can be against 90% of the league....San Antonio needs dominating performances from Manu and Duncan to be able to deliver as the absolute best team in the NBA. I just doubt that those guys have enough in the tank to deliver those kind of performances, to counter the Superstars on the other side of the ball that Miami and OKC will bring to the table.

(BTW I don't think Jefferson is the answer either). The Spurs are not a role-player away from being a champion, they are a superstar away from being a champion. I only hope that Manu and Duncan can have some flashback-style performances in the playoffs. Sure we can beat up on the undisciplined teams in the league during the regular season, but Conference Finals and NBA Finals are not ever remotely comparable to what we are doing now.

That's the way I've approached the entire season and enjoy what they can do with what they have. I'm not sure why Splitter is being singled out in the title of the thread. I'm still a big Splitter fan. Sure, the Spurs are better than they were last year because they have played an entire season together but the same can be said for any team that is a contender. I think that it is already universally accepted that the Spurs are not a title contender without a post presence miracle occurring. I'm not holding my breath for that miracle to happen in the next 10 days, rather I just continue to root for and enjoy the Spurs as an underdog contender and that includes Splitter.
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