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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
This team is still missing something.....
Even though we’re racking up the wins, I feel it to. It’s OK to play a different team night after night during the regular season, but when you get into a seven game set against one team night after night in the playoffs, they’ll make adjustments and that’s one of the reasons we lost to OKC.

Just over our last 3 games, we’ve been badly outrebounded by the opponent, particularly offensive rebounds. And two of the last three we won quite handedly. I feel we need another big who can just hit the boards and regularly. Doesn’t have to be a 7 footer or scoring presence, just give us our scoring opportunities and take them away from our opponents. And if we can keep Splitter in the process, it would be an added plus because he adds to the chemistry of the team already mentioned. IMHO.
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