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You make huge sweeping statements Jose based on not much, Splitter just showed 16 pts on 5 of 7 shots working within what I described above where first option was screen and roll and then he went to the post as TD wasn't there as first post option.

As splitter is making about $3.5 mill a year I am happy with that as Boozer got 14 points making $15 mill.... Now when we look to next year and the contract he might ask for Asik just got $25 mill over 3 years so as their stats are very similar (even with 10 less minutes)if we pay Tiago that I and most should be happy as 7 footers get paid even if they are barely coordinated.

He doesnt just set picks he also scores in double figures in 23 min at the highest FG % in the NBA, again worth paying for.

You may feel your mug is all over here but this is still just an internet forum so the coach that will go in the HOF does get more credit for knowing what he is talking about rather than yourself.... unless you reveal that you are in a real life NBA management position of some type then you are still faceless compared to the players and coaches you are downgrading.

Talking about a coach doesn't influence whether I know ball or not, neither does Gansta David, I talked through how I thought the system worked and how Splitter worked within that system. Instead of breaking down where I got it wrong you threw out two players who are no longer here and a catch cry you heard from a commentator and saying we have no inside presence.

When TD is on the floor he is the inside presence, and when he is not resting he is doing it well, when he is not Splitter takes more responsibility in the post where even today the Bulls double teamed him and he got assists out of that double team a couple of times. Now if Al was here for todays game instead (which again it would be both rather than instead)then he may have scored more in the post but we may not have got as many open looks to go 50% from three with a predictable one side offence... and as Tiago already scored 16 points on 5 of 7 we did not miss out.

As you like to focus on parts of a post rather than responding to all I detail focus on the fact that:
- Pop is not perfect but he has put in place a system that got 20 straight wins last year and even a win today against a good team without 4 key players because the system works if the players stick to it rather than taking instructions from the internet.
- Tiago did stand up today as you want, he got 16 points on 5 of 7 and still created the space Pop wants while collecting $3.5 mill this year one of the cheapest starting centers in the NBA
- Al is a better scorer at this point but at what cost to the rest of the points needed above his 24th in the league 17 points per game? We are just no longer an inside out team as much as you seem to want us to return to that Coach 101.

You are a genius so maybe detail how you think the offence should work around Jefferson, an undersized big man who is good for 5th best inside offensive presence at 17 points.
........ And World Peace
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