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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Jose you have some vendetta against Splitter for some unknown reason, maybe you are a Jefferson fan boy that bad that you want to rubbish Tiago till AJ arrives as your white knight I don't get it like Skinny Jeans.
apparently you're just a Splitter fan over looking at the actual game. this game should have been Tiago showing what he can do, especially if you Tiago sympathizers want to keep him for a bloated contract. you want to pay a guy $8-12 million possibly to set picks for shooters like Gary Neal and not back down guys?

i was one of the few guys who pulled for Splitter and knew he'd improve, but wanting a better player for him isn't anything unrealistic.

so please, go on your "legendary coach", "in Pop we trust", and whatever else slogans to bail out not understanding the game of basketball. i do think Pop is a great coach, but this guy had Bonner starting at some point, Roger Mason playing PG, and Richard Jefferson playing PF. "if you think that means living and dying by the 3", yes it does because we don't have an inside presence, all we have when the game is slowed down is jumpers, that's called Coaching 101.

does he have brain farts? of course he does. is he perfect like you want to make him out to be? of course he's not. by the way, i'm not a faceless fan. i have my mug all around, not some Tim Duncan picture with tatts to hide behind.
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