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Jose you have some vendetta against Splitter for some unknown reason, maybe you are a Jefferson fan boy that bad that you want to rubbish Tiago till AJ arrives as your white knight I don't get it like Skinny Jeans.

Splitter is not required to be a scoring leader, at best he is expected to be 5th or 6th leading scorer in the team. You talk about himm looking to post up but have you not watched the games?

This is not rec league it is not as simple as the big man runs down the court and establishes position, Pop has requirements of Tiago as the secondary big man on offence to run his routs to create the spacing our offence thrives on.

Everytime down court he runs down cuts back to the top of the key and then takes the ball passes on while creating some room for the ball handler. Then he goes low until called up to screen and roll where he will either catch it on the way to the hoop and score or he will create the defensive missmatches that create scrambling from the defence and either a shooter or cutter will open up for a basket.

If he went to the block and started calling for the ball while the guards struggled to get free up the top then Pop would yank him and bring on Bonner to instead to the screen and pop.

If the above doesn't work then he is posting up as the plan B and is in double figures scoring with the leading FG % in the NBA so he must be hitting some of his post work to go with rolls.

You may think that means we live and die by the 3 but it doesn't, it means we live and die by our number 1 scoring option TP either slashing for the score or dish to the vacant man or pulling up for that reliable jumper he now has.

Yes we shoot a lot of threes but if they aren't working we use that movement to free up TD, Manu, Green, Leonard or Neal for mid range, cut or inside.

And if none of that is working because TP can't create then we go from 2 - 0 to 2 - 4 in the playoffs pretty quickly, but I am on the side of the equation that believes the Thunder played their Championship series to beat us (with Ibaka looking like an ofensive stud) rather than we had the wrong system.

You bring in Al to clog up the block alongside of Timmy then you throw away the system that allows us to still win with out TD to cover for the 1 or 2 games we struggle.

I would rather go with what got us 20 straight wins rather than planning for the couple of losses that will not always run together like they did, the players are 1 year better and better versed in the system, one that is keeping us in the game with the Bulls without 4 of our best.

So for all your trolling of Tiago it comes down to him doing what is required of him by his coach rather than what is required by you, Legendary coach rather than a faceless fan...
........ And World Peace
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