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Bottom line for the role Al will have on this team, he won't sniff 20 and 10.

Again, there is a balance that needs to be maintained. Why is it that you guys do not see that. So, let's say the trade happens, does that mean that Al gets more shots than Tim or Tony or Manu? How is that possible? On this team, especially at this late in the season, he will be relegated to be a role player as well and again, any effectiveness that he had as a #1 or #1A option, he will not get in San Antonio except in limited minutes. Why would Pop wreck his entire concept around just 1 player when he has the team playing like a juggernaut without that guy?

BALANCE peeps. Look at the amount of shots the Spurs average per game and you tell us where Al's shots are going to come from?

If he is here to take the same amount of shots as Splitter, then why should the Spurs pay more for the same production? Actually it's less because the per minute, Tiago has a better effectiveness rate.

Just remember when Suckmywokandi had many here all hot and bothered on his empty stats as a Clipper. How did he turn out? Or is it FLAME OUT?
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