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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
because this current scheme relies solely on ball movement. if we meet OKC and we can't move the ball, we'll need someone to back down in the post. Duncan can't do that anymore, who's the other option? it certainly isn't Splitter.

we've never won a championship aside from a back down scheme being available. when the game would go too fast, TD would back down. when we can't make our shots, TD would back down. he can't do that anymore and Tiago sure as hell can't.
Your argument in this solely focused on offense. I get that the O slows a bit in the the playoffs, but the Spurs didn't have an issue with that at all in the playoffs last year. It was on the D side that the Spurs failed. Again, as its been pointed out, Jefferson is a liability on D. His slowness of foot will pose an issue when OKC goes with Durant and Ibaka at posts. How do you account for that? Any advantage gained on O gets negated on the D. Even Utah's slower paced gameplay shows Jefferson's D inadequacies. If you really thought about it, having Jefferson here takes the team out of balance. I agree that every role player has to play his role well to get that 5th ring. That's this team's identity. You have to be who you are and I think Al would be a step back. Whether he comes or not, I will roll Spurs.
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