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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Duncan got a mid range jumper to prolong his career, that thing is now money and keeps guy up on him to the point where he can drive as well. If he was still in the post the whole game pushing and banging against bulkier players his knees would be shot.

But again we are not looking at whether we have Tiago or Al, we would have both as Utah does not want a big man back when they are trading because they want their young bigs to play more. They will be looking for 3 pt help and some ball handling so if it happened we would have TD and Al starting with Tiago on first drop.
it was to prolong his career so Tiago can play his game, along with Blair. if he can't back down anymore and the other guys can't shoot, he'd be forced to retire. he has to be effective and that also means the other guys have to be able to play with him.

it doesn't matter if we give them Tiago for the future if Jefferson is the better player right now. our mission is to win another title with Duncan, not win another title in 10 years. if we meet the Jazz in the playoffs, it'll be Tiago vs. Jefferson in the post and there's no question about who'd win that one.

there's no bad trade for the Spurs if we get Jefferson back.

i only said Manu because he's been injured the majority of the time.
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