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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
The thing is Pops system seems to require a moving centre rather than one anchored to the post... At the start of each set the big man rolls to the top collects the ball while everyone moves behind setting screens all over the shop, then he rolls down and back up to help the ball handler and rolls.

We do not set up the post and wings and go inside out anymore so Tiago doesn't have the licence to develop that like Al has.

And everyone needs to say one or the other... Utah doesn't want Tiago, they are clearing Al because they have their big men setup
Duncan can pick and roll effectively (i.e. do everything Tiago does), he just doesn't because Tiago's man (or Blair's in earlier situations) would dare them to shoot so you'd have two big men in the paint waiting on the pick and roll. that's the reason why Duncan worked well with McDyess even when the Spurs ran because Dice had a mid range jumper. now Duncan had to get one of those to make Blair or Splitter work.

the Jazz have 3 big men that are (or will be) earning a lot of money in the future. no way they can keep those 3 guys, not with this CBA.
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