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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
Al Jefferson= Mike Suckmywokandi version 2.
Why would we need a slow backdown type player In the post?
The playbook is much more than 4down. Jeffersons game is all empty stats because his stats haven't ever uplifted his team's play...ever.
Think about that.
Because he has been a lone low post threat, its turned him into a veritable Black hole.
because this current scheme relies solely on ball movement. if we meet OKC and we can't move the ball, we'll need someone to back down in the post. Duncan can't do that anymore, who's the other option? it certainly isn't Splitter.

we've never won a championship aside from a back down scheme being available. when the game would go too fast, TD would back down. when we can't make our shots, TD would back down. he can't do that anymore and Tiago sure as hell can't.

Originally Posted by goodtexan View Post
Wow, then why should the Spurs trade him?
for the reasons that were listed. the West center depth is weak overall and Splitter needs teammates to have him play well. he'll get overpaid by a team in the offseason.

Splitter is having a career year with a good team but his overall numbers aren't as good as Jefferson's. the fact Jefferson is a more complete player aside from stats should be suffice. dude can create on his own, Splitter can't.
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