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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you don't think Milwaukee, Indiana, or Atlanta, all who could use a Splitter type player and who's easily one of the best centers in the West, will offer him around $10 mill offer sheet? he'd have to take $3-4 mill less in San Antonio and i doubt he loves SA that much.

i would be shocked if the Spurs haven't offered him some kind of extension so far this year since just about every organization does that. that's mostly on Splitter's side than the Spurs.
I just think the Spurs will take care of things with Tiago to Tiago's satisfaction and Tiago won't entertain offers from other teams. That will probably mean we give Tiago more money than most here are comfortable with, but less than what idiot teams would pay him.

But who knows. Only time will tell.
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