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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
^^^^^ Offense is not our problem. The question is, is he a post presence on defense. From a lot of what I am reading, he isn't significantly better than Tiago in terms of post defense.
offense isn't the problem, but it was against the Thunder last season. what happens when we meet a team that can slow down the Spurs' offense like OKC did? we can't dump the ball in the post to TD and worse with Tiago since he can't play like that. Jefferson would help the Spurs incorporate two dimensions on offense.

on the defensive side, how do they both compare? Tiago isn't a shot blocker and doesn't rebound as well as Jefferson either. he's got quick feet, but he's extremely soft on help defense while it appears he's better on man defense.

Jefferson would help vs. Memphis and Tiago's done well vs. them this year, but Jefferson in the paint protecting the rim would be a vast improvement compared to Splitter in the paint.

also take this into account: Jefferson is likely to get double teamed in the post. that would open up shots for Jackson, Ginobili, Diaw, etc. Unlike other years where we've all admitted Bonner doesn't do well because there's no inside presence taking attention from the defense, Al Jefferson would change that.

just like MRJONESIII is saying and i'll add on to it: Splitter is a good player this year mostly because he's playing off other guys like Parker and Ginobili. Jefferson is a player who can play off of other players and can depend on his own skills if the defense commands it. There's no way Tiago can create his own shot like Jefferson can.

Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Jefferson is not now nor has he ever been a force on defense. The Spurs offense is humming along fine (forget about last night in Detroit), I can't see the FO messing with this team until season's end; unless it's to trade Blair and maybe Neal before the deadline for future help.

Outside of some of the espn 'experts' who haven't watched the Spurs play, a lot of folks around the country are beginning to notice that the Spurs as currently constructed are one of, if not the best and deepest teams in the west and maybe the league.

Al Jefferson wouldn't be a player who would put them over the top, now Kobe? maybe...
you watch the game last night? Jefferson was a really good defensive presence. he's a great defender in certain situations, just like Duncan. you don't want to put TD on a pick and roll defensively, neither Jefferson. he's a balanced player overall.
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