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ugh of course the mainstream media wouldn't know much about the Spurs so getting one "solid" man's opinion would be suffice

1) Jefferson is more expensive, but when are we looking at the long term picture when TD/Manu are in for the short term? do we wanna build a good team that's not promised a title in the future or win a title now?

2) Jefferson is a low post scorer, but Splitter doesn't do anything Duncan couldn't do. Shaq was a prime example in Phoenix. during his PHX tenure, he'd rarely get injured or feel pain because a running style wouldn't take so much out of him, same with Duncan. Splitter picks and rolls, that's it. that's something Duncan and Blair can do. only reason Tiago does it over Blair is for defensive purposes on the other side. Splitter is shooting a higher FG%, but that's attributed to Parker's passing while Jefferson has to create on his own.

3) "various measures", thanks for not explaining them, helps the case. Jefferson is just outrebounding Splitter by 5rpg is all.

4) "such a major trade" because in 2005 we didn't trade our backup PF for a starting C and bump our starting C to the bench? if we got Al Jefferson, he'd start and our depth wouldn't be too much effected since Green/Manu can play the SF position. someone saying this trade wouldn't happen because of that is uninformed.

BTW "costs less now and moving forward", he doesn't know that. Jefferson isn't going to come close to $15 million (when Lebron is getting $18 million). Al will probably get around $10 million, which is precisely what some trash team will most likely offer Tiago and he'll sign the offer sheet.
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