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Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
they currently had 10M "backup" SF... and 14M "backup" SG...

in real life is not that defined the "backup" or "starter" label, since every coach can arrange his lineup from night to night...

deepness is something very valuable IMO... trading manu for Al you "sacrifice" a SG, and add difference maker in C/PF position... you still has some deepness at SG, and not trading away 3 or 4 complement players as sugested by other forum members... bonner, mills, neal= a lot of the 3pt firepower ... decolo, mills, and any other= a lot of playmaking

any trade involving jackson let spurs so thin in SF position and SA need as many REAL SFs as they can, to throw at Durant and Lebron...

and any trade involving splitter, utah didnt need another big... they need pg, or sg with playmaking ability ...

When Stephen Jackson was brought in, the Spurs were already committed to spending +$10M at the SF position with Jefferson's contract. Manu was given his contract when he was one of the top 10 players in the league and big dollars at the back end of contracts is a way of circumventing salary cap restraints. When those salaries were initially given out, they were for guys expected to play "starter" minutes.

Now are you saying that it would be a good idea for the Spurs to commit to paying close to $10M for a guy (Splitter) who would not see the floor in crunch time if the Spurs also committed $12M to Al Jefferson?

Even at this late stage in his career, the Spurs are still a better team with Manu on the floor over Danny Green. Green is great at what he does for the team, but for the most part, he still can't get his own shot. Manu and Parker (and to a lesser extent Duncan) are the only players on this team that can get their own shot and set the offense up for the other players, like Danny Green.

I still think the best chance for a Spurs championship rests on Manu being healthy and turning Jackson's expiring contract into a quality big man. If the Spurs have to give up Splitter to get that big man then that is the price they have to pay. Also consider that Splitter may not end up on the Jazz, another team could be brought in to give the Jazz what they want in return for Splitter. Even though Splitter is going into restricted free agency, holding his contract still has value for a capped out team.

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