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Very Cool Article! Thanks Jose!


Most outside media guys choose closing their eyes on anyone not named LeBron or Kevin Durant or Carmelo..

TP got some recent attention with the player of the Month!
That is a Great Honor, but hey TP can not be satisfied by that only!!!

I am sure Tony wants his team to go all the way this year.
So Spurs are now figuring their way on how to get there...
TD and Manu will be back soon and this team will come to be much stronger as the season goes on.

If Tony keeps pounding on that rock with such a Strong Desire to be the BEST, Spurs will be a FORCE to recon with come PO time. And all Spurs players will follow once they see such Consistent LEADERSHIP!

This year Spurs will NOT be FADING in the PO by any team!!!
And Spurs will not just keep OWNING the best record in regular season like the last few years, but more importantly they will OWN the Post season too!
No more running out of GAS in the PO! Spurs will find a way to be Stronger and unbeatable!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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