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Great players make great coaches. To say Doc is aided by Garnett and Pierce but say POP is great because he's POP is ridiculous. POP is great because of Tim, Tony, Manu, etc. When POP was 17-47 in 1996 with Tim Kempton, Jeryl Sasser, Carl Herrera, Dominique Wilkins, Moses Malone, etc. people probably thought he was a bum. Auerbach was great because of Russell, Cousy, Hondo and the like. I think championships are important but very rarely do bad/average teams win championships. Basketball isn't like football. Wildcard teams and/or 9-7 division winners win Super Bowls. A 48-34 basketball team is not gonna win the championship. Obviously the '95 Rockets are an exception (6th seed) but that won't happen again.

If you are talking about great coaches that continually do more with less, I'd take George Karl or Rick Adelman.
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