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I LOVE what I saw from Tiago this year!!
It might very well be that he is taking care of his body finally and luckily staying healthy, but who are we kidding here, he is def FOCUSED and very aware that he is on a Contract Year!!!!

Tiago is not going to say it straight up because his agent told him to do so. Although Tiago mentioned he wanted to stay in San Antonio in one article of the San Antonio Express News last month.

I am still not so sure and Spurs could face a bitter reality next year as they can not stop Tiago from following a Better $$$ offer from another team that Spurs would not be able to match.This is why in my honest opinion Pop and RC signed Aron Baynes!!!What Tiago is giving us could very well be substitute by Baynes and even better when Baynes gets used to the System.

Al Jefferson could be "A difference Maker" and help us when TD is not going to be able to do much.

I would rather keep tough players as Cap'n Jack here though.
Go Spurs Go!
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