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Originally Posted by Eddy from Austin View Post
Did you see the Nets playing the Lakers last night, they were pathetic.
It could have been just an off night but their offence stunk.
I can see Spurs either win @ the Lakers then lose @ GS or win in GS and drop the Lakers. It all depends if Pop picks the right players to play less minutes in one or the other. Pick your poison!!!!:shocked

Pop should do whatever he feels is best so he does NOT over play the Big Three or his best players for that B2B.

Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
8-1 L against sacramento if timmy didnt play...
WOW you really give Sac Town a lot of credit.

I can't see Spurs lose in Sac Town whether TD plays or not although I hope TD plays there!:shocked

Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Spurs always do well when I pick 'em to fail, so I say 4-5.
I hope your Reverse Psychology works!!

Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i got 8-1 with a loss to Chicago
Solid Prediction!!!

Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
I think if the Spurs get out 6-3 they will be in good shape in the standings. Without Timmy and Manu yet it will be hard to ask for better than that.

The Spurs have been poor on the road this year so 6-3 will be excellent.

I am hoping Manu and TD will play in half of the Spurs RRT games. But even if that happened Spurs would still be good only IF OKC and LA Clippers did win more games and catch up with Spurs.

Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
I thought 6-3 until I realized that they Spurs had to close out the trip against Luis Scola and his PHX Suns.

8-1. One game against Scola is worth two wins

Or does every win against Scola count as two? I get confused.
Ha ha Ha Yeah Spurs play Scola at the end of the road trip and then at home...

Scola or no Scola....It don't matter!!
I say this Spurs team wins Phx on the road and at home this year.:shocked

Your 8-1 sounds like a Solid Prediction!:drummer

Originally Posted by Mr.MULLETINO View Post
They're gonna go 8-1

Wed. 6 @ Minnesota W
Fri. 8 @ Detroit W
Sun. 10 @ Brooklyn W
Mon. 11 @ Chicago L
Wed. 13 @ Cleveland W
Tue. 19 @ Sacramento W
Thu. 21 @ Los Angeles W
Fri. 22 @ Golden State W
Sun. 24 @ Phoenix W
Solid Prediction!
Chicago will be tough at home, but if TD and Manu play Spurs have a chance though!!!

Originally Posted by Dulce View Post
Wed. 6 @ Minnesota - W
Fri. 8 @ Detroit - W
Sun. 10 @ Brooklyn -W
Mon. 11 @ Chicago -W
Wed. 13 @ Cleveland -W
Tue. 19 @ Sacramento -W
Thu. 21 @ Los Angeles -L
Fri. 22 @ Golden State -W
Sun. 24 @ Phoenix -W
Solid Prediction. Lakers could be a trap game. You never know!!
Even if they are struggling, You just need to be super prepared for surprise in LA Lakers.:drummer

Hey Deep in my heart I am wishing Spurs could go 9-0 :drummer

So far Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard were very Solid and of course TP played like an All Star & MVP.
The rest Spurs players showed up and competed very well vs. Minn last night!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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