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Wait for a second.

Why is Utah trying to do this trade? They're trying to unload a big to open a roster spot for Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors. So Utah don't need Splitter. Moreover in financial terms, Splitter is a restricted free agent and they will not resign with him on summer. That's why, Utah don't need Splitter in court and in salary books. Splitter is a keeper.

This trade will involve S-Jax and Blair, obviously. That's a must for salary equation. Utah is exchanging an expiring with another, they need some sweets to do this trade.

Since they need point guard, they will want Nando De Colo or Patty Mills. We can ship one of them, depends on Utah's need and Pop's idea. I think it will be Patty Mills since French connection is bigger than Aussie connection in team.

It seems that Utah also want another small piece for this trade. That would be Erazem Lorbek but I don't see him coming to NBA in near future. Anyway, maybe Utah guys don't know this fact Maybe we can throw a second round pick instead of him.

If this trade happens, we simply exchange S-Jax for Al Jeff for 6 months. It's not for win-now mode since Blair is already a goner, Patty Mills won't be more than an average back-up and second round pick(or Lorbek) doesn't hurt team too much.

We will need a back-up SF instead of S-Jax after this trade. Gelabale would be cheap and perfect fit. We will have Duncan-Al-Jeff-Splitter-Diaw front-court and it's very enthuastic. We can keep Duncan by using less than 20 minutes until play-offs to keep him from injuries.

It would be great if we can do it.
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