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Originally Posted by drcantgetright View Post
Talent wise....i would take Al Jefferson in a heart beat. I dont like giving up Jax. Still, I have a hard time believing that Utah could not get more for Al Jefferson than tiago and patty
I think there is no chance that Utah gets a better deal than tiago and patty for jefferson. In fact, that is such a good deal for Utah, I am sure we would never do it.

It makes absolutely no sense to give up Splitter to get Jefferson. That isn't even what Utah wants. Utah's best option is to get some young talent at the PG/G spot that doesn't hit their payroll hard. That is why they would be interested in any of our Guards. They have potential, they are signed to 3 year deals for very little money, and they give Utah a lot of flexibility to sign other free agents. I don't think there are a lot of players around the league who have the potential of Mills or De Colo combined with their small contracts. That is the linchpin of the deal. It is a win win. Utah doesn't want Splitter.
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