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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
Agreed. Just yesterday, Jose was insisting that Splitter walks if bids go to 8-10 Mil and now they'd be willing to take Jefferson for 15 mil? I don't think so.
yes Splitter will walk if he gets $10 million, it's a no brainer. he's performing on a contract year, how many guys have we had walk off to new teams, especially after championships, when they're offered ridiculous money?

IF the Spurs take Jefferson, it's to win this year. our whole mission is to win Duncan a ring instead of being mediocre after and being content with that. if we don't win this year, we're not winning next year.

btw Jefferson isn't getting anything close to $15 million next year anyway. he'd be getting what Splitter is most likely getting offered and if the question is who would you pick out of those two, it's a no brainer. with the new CBA, $10 million for a mediocre non dominant big would be the equivalent of around $14-15 million.
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