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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
It's a little early to be maneuvering for playoffs spots with 30+ games left in the season.

In other words, the season is just going as it does. Ebbs, tides and such.

No team should be or is even thinking about playoff seeding right now. The season is still entirely up in the air for most of the teams in the league. When we get to the final week-plus of the season, sure, teams start creatively managing their benches in order to nudge the matchup odds....but there's too many wild-cards, what-ifs and injury scenarios that ultimately come into play in every season for that to be a factor now. Through the first 70-75 games, it's all about winning as many games as possible.

None of the above applies to Washington, Charlotte, or Cleveland. Their respective mantra is: LOSE EARLY; LOSE OFTEN.
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