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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
Can't the Spurs head everyone off the pass and offer Tiago a contract before the FA period?
no idea, but if they could, the Spurs would. odds are that Tiago's the one not wanting to budge on a contract extension at the minimum he could get ($5 mill)

Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
Manu has still some gas on his tank in my opinion. And 3 years 18M is not overpaying for him too much, it will be a charity conract (3rd year may be team option). Yes he's injury prone and i'm always concerning to read his injury news after games. Remember Celtics offered 12M to 37 years old Ray Allen for 2 years last off-season. So why wouldn't we resign with 2 years old younger Manu for same price, for the sake of 3 rings.

I'm pretty sure that if Splitter sign 4 years 30M offer sheet elsewhere, we're going to match him. We've paid too many time to find a complimentary piece to Duncan after D-Rob since 10 years. Now, at last, it seems that we've found one and we shouldn't lose him for some money. We've paid too much money to Rasho in past, we can pay it for Splitter too.

I would prefer Jackson 3 years 10M instead of 2 years 8M.(Last year would be partially guaranteed) But we should see this year's play-offs to see how he can do. If he shows that he can still defend and shoot in clutch, we can lock him for 3 years.
Manu's earning $14 million this season. i love him but his last contract (coming off injury riddled seasons) was a charity contract mixed in with business marketing since he's the most popular Spur. Manu did his part and SA did their part, this year he's grossly overpaid on the court. time to get ready to move on from the Big 3 and focus on the young guns we got plus cap space.
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