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I don't know what we are going to pay Splitter, but I will bet anyone that it doesn't even get to the point where we have to match an offer. IMHO, we are going to sign Splitter to a fair deal (whatever that is, only Pop, RC, and Splitter know). Same thing goes for Manu. We will re-sign him to a deal that pays him fairly and doesn't kill us. I don't think we will sign Jax (at least I don't want to). I wouldn't want to pay him anything really. . . . . especially in a 3 year deal. He looks really slow out there right now. I think it would be easier to replace him than it would be to replace Neal's shooting.

I don't want to ignore Jackson's impact on our team. He has toughens and gritt that we don't. Maybe Baynes can bring that, or another inexpensive vet. I just don't want to pay Jackson more than 2 or 3 mil for 2 years.
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