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Can't the Spurs head everyone off the pass and offer Tiago a contract before the FA period?

I mean, when Manu was being courted by Denver in 2004, he just told them,"No thanks."
6 Years starting at $9 Million per but the trick to the offer is that Manu had to sign it but he never signed his. He just took the offer that the Spurs gave him. 6 years between $50 Million and $55 Million.

The earliest Manu could sign any extension would be April 2013.

I think Tiago goes the Manu route and he goes around the same since the NBA is more fiscal now.

New CBA rules dictate:
• 2011 CBA: Players coming off their rookie scale contracts can extend for four additional seasons, although the team can designate one player who is eligible for five seasons at the maximum salary. A team can have only one designated player on its roster at any time. All other veterans can extend for four total seasons, which includes the seasons remaining on their current contract. The extension in an extend-and-trade contract is limited to three total seasons, which includes the seasons remaining on the current contract.

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