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Tiago Getting Paid Next Year

Let the speculation begin - in today's EN -"By Jeff McDonald Spurs center Tiago Splitter tries hard not to think about the money. This, he acknowledges, can often be easier said than done.
His value boosted by a breakout third NBA season, in a league not exactly known for restraint when it comes to throwing big dollars at tall people, Splitter is poised to enter free agency this summer holding a lottery ticket all but guaranteed to hit the jackpot.
So yes, Splitter admits, sometimes he does think about the money."

Spurs Nation

He mentions that four other players (Manu Ginobili, Stephen Jackson, Gary Neal and DeJuan Blair) also will become free agents - I can see Manu either retiring or taking a two year for a lot less, SJax being sent packing especially if he thinks he should be paid more than 2-3 million, Neal and Blair being traded.

Personally, I don't think he's going anywhere and he'll get a real nice contract from the Spurs
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