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Originally Posted by WhiteChocolateJr View Post
Listen, Chief Boldface: There's a boatload of walk-on level talent in the d-league. We aren't talking about top players here. We're talking 'bout walk-ons.


Joseph is supposed to dominate the local talent at the Y--that's why he was an NBA draft pick.

In fact...14 of the 20 selected for the junior-miss ALL-STAR* game have some NBA experience. A handful have even played in more than garbage time. By and large, even these seasoned players are second rounders, or at best low first rounders. Here's where you pay attention again: Cory Joseph was the can't-miss 29th pick in the first round. At pick 29, you get a heckuva lot more DJ Whites and Alando Tuckers than you get Tony Parkers...and you straight high son, if you think Alando Tucker's 'bout to be snatched up to win any sort of game for an NBA club.

If Pop and the FO Powers That Be thought someone from the minors was going to "win games" for this NBA club, that player would be riding the pine next to Bonner right now instead of hoisting the Skinniest-Kid-in-Fat-Camp trophy after the DLASG main event. Guaran-damn-teed.
Ha... If Im "Chief Boldface" then your Chief DA... It was good of you to post AI cuz thats who your like when I see your posts and the nothing you know of what the DL is... So you should do what you post and get some more to know!
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