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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
td4mvp2k...why should the league get on Webster? There was nothing dirty in that play. The dude was moving forward and got knocked down in mid-air or was trying to draw a foul like Parker does every other time he drives in. His momentum carried him into Duncan's legs. Not everything is a conspiracy against the Spurs by the NBA. Take off the tin foil hat...remember...4 rings...not gonna happen if the league was out to get us.
Why wouldnt they get on him? And I DIDNT say if there was dirty play! Ya and TPs momentum doesnt get carried in to other players legs when he is trying to draw a foul in a drive in... I DIDNT say there was a conspiracy and your the 1 with a tin foil hat if you think so... Ya 4 rings and the league isnt out to get you is what they said in 04...

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