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Walker to Parker?

Mike Dunlap revealed that he uses tape of Chris Paul and Tony Parker to help mold second-year point guard Kemba Walker.

“We really feel, mentally and physically, the way those two lead their teams is very special,” Dunlap said. “Different, but they get the same results.”

Dunlap emphasizes Parker’s attention to detail.

“First, change of speed: This is how he does it, where and when,” Dunlap said. “Then, two is just how when he doesn’t have the ball, he is one of the hardest cutters in the league. He just rips his cuts. Third is if you overplay his cuts — snap — he goes back door.”

Gregg Popovich believes Parker has been the top point guard in the league this season.

“I think he’s probably played better than any point guard in the league, if you want to be totally frank,” Popovich said. “It’s hard to pick somebody whose had a better year than he’s had.”

Jeff McDonald/San Antonio Express-News
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