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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
Ya that wasnt after SL... He wasnt invited on the team cuz they want him to do more and if anyone thinks they shouldve they dont know... That same "weak" front court won 1st in the west and to the WCF... And for Richards who you think may not see PT in a Spurs uni you dont know that...

Some1 who cant come at you shouldnt be postn when they cant do what they say to others... that makes them a "stupid" BIG P!
just like that statement

we had a roster spot open and we brought in an Aussie from overseas to take minutes over Bonner/Blair instead of Richards who has been in the SL system of the Spurs for a bit.

that weak frontcourt went to the WCF?! you're totally right, we went to the WCF because of Blair and Bonner. please tell more jokes, i love jokes.

if you honestly think we have a strong frontcourt pre-Baynes, then Bonner/Blair should've been getting huge minutes over SJax playing the SF position off the bench.....and the boatload of Summer League invitees don't even make it to the league anyway, so an invite means squat unless he exceeds expectations and the immature kid hasn't come close.
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