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The San Antonio Spurs formerly had Hollinger on their payroll as a consultant and regretfully took his advice to sign Jackie Butler.
I would take this with a grain of salt. I remember at the time it was stated that the Spurs also consulted Larry Brown as to what he thought. Brown had coached Butler at New York and Pop and he were close. It was stated that Brown also recommended Butler.

Also, I remember that Hollinger's opinion of Butler was not just something he advised the Spurs on. He published his opinion of Butler on his ESPN site for anyone to read. I saw it there before the Spurs made an offer to Butler. Once the offer was made I wondered at the time if the Spurs were made aware of Butler thought Hollinger. I did not know that Hollinger was on the Spurs payroll as a consultant, if in fact this is true.

One thing I do remember clearly about Hollinger's ESPN article is his warning that Butler's sterling statistics were based on a small sample size because he had not played a lot of minutes at New York.

When the Butler experiment turned out so badly I thought if anyone was to blame for mis-advising the Spurs it was Brown. It never occurred to me to blame Hollinger because anyone who knows anything about statistics know how hazardous it is to base conclusions on a small sample. In fact, I thought this is why the Spurs consulted Brown, to verify or refute the statistical conclusion with someone who had first hand knowledge of Butler's game.

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