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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
this was after Summer League.

question isn't if they bring him into summer league because SL invitees are just about everyone and some current young talent to get some more practice. the fact the Spurs were with a "weak" frontcourt bench of Bonner/Blair before Splitter's emergence and he wasn't invited on the team. instead we toughed it out and played a SF as a PF while signing an Aussie big man who's already seen more minutes now than Richards may ever see in a Spurs uniform.
February 2012

San Antonio Spurs 2010 second round draft pick Ryan Richards has left his team, the Lugano Tigers for what the team called "personal reasons". Luca Maffioli
Ya that wasnt after SL... He wasnt invited on the team cuz they want him to do more and if anyone thinks they shouldve they dont know... That same "weak" front court won 1st in the west and to the WCF... And for Richards who you think may not see PT in a Spurs uni you dont know that...

Some1 who cant come at you shouldnt be postn when they cant do what they say to others... that makes them a "stupid" BIG P!

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